One Week Training Plan using Myzone

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

You have been asking the MYZONE Master Trainers for specific advice on how often, how hard, and how long to perform different fitness activities. Well my friends, we are here to deliver! We have put together a sample one week training plan.

A well-rounded exercise program will contain activities that train the major components of fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility.

In this blog post, we will take you through our sample one week training plan. We will make Frequency, Intensity, and Duration recommendations for the major components of fitness.  

MYZONE one week training plan

This one week training plan is written for the intermediate exerciser – someone who has been working out for at least 3-4 months and has established a baseline of fitness. No worries if you are a beginner (less than 3 months) or advanced (12 months or longer) exerciser - you can make adjustments to the program to make it fit for you.  

If you are just beginning an exercise program, we recommend that you decrease the intensity as well as the duration for both the cardio and the muscular fitness recommendations.  If the program still feels like a little bit much, reduce the frequency of the cardio by one day (down to three days of the week rather than four).

If you are an advanced exerciser, increase either the intensity or the duration of the sample program for cardio (i.e. 30 minutes instead of 20, or mostly YELLOW Zone rather than YELLOW and GREEN) and muscular fitness (i.e. 3 sets instead of 2, or more weight on the muscular strength day).

Here is a sample one week training plan containing each component of fitness as well as Frequency, Intensity, and Duration guidelines for each.

MYZONE one week training plan

*See Circuit samples on the MYZONE Master Trainer Blog Page

Some additional guidelines before you perform these activities:

1. Seek clearance from your physician before beginning an exercise program or if you are recovering from illness or injury.

2. Perform a 5-10 minute general warm up in either the BLUE or GREEN Zones or both prior to ALL activity (cardio, muscular strength, flexibility).

3. Perform muscular fitness activities on 2 non-consecutive days (i.e. Monday and Thursday)

4. If you are performing cardio and muscular fitness on the same day, perform the mode of fitness that is the highest priority for you first and then the second mode (i.e. cardio before muscular fitness because you have cardio specific goals).

5. Have FUN!  If you need to switch things up a little bit in order to really ENJOY your workout, then do it!

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Keep moving forward!

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