New Myzone App Features for iPhone Users

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

MYZONE is committed to innovation. We're constantly looking for new and improved ways to take our user experience to the next level. As the fitness industry changes and progresses, we want to make sure the MYZONE community of users and trainers are equipped to keep up with the changes and are able to continue to get the most out of each and every workout with MYZONE.


We're pleased to announce that we've made a significant update to our newly redesigned iPhone app. The app now offers the following features: a stopwatch, countdown and interval timer in the effort stream, the ability to connect with Apple Watch and more. The most recent update also fixed a bug we were experiencing with connecting to Apple Health.

We're excited about the stopwatch, countdown and interval timer because we know that many of our faithful MYZONE users have been waiting for this feature to be added. Tabata, HIIT, interval training, spinning and many other popular forms of exercise are most effective when they're timed. With the addition of the stopwatch, countdown and interval timer, there is now no need to bring a watch or separate timer with you to the gym or out on the trails. Now with a simple tap in the MYONE app you'll be able to time, track, record, and save your progress all in one place. With this new feature in place, we believe it will be easier than ever for MYZONE users around the world to put in the workout effort required to get the results they want.

While we look at the new features of the app, we also want to take a moment to highlight some of the other key app features that MYZONE users can leverage to get the most out of each workout:



Everyone performs at a higher level when they know others are watching. Our Social feature makes it easy to connect with and stay up-to-date on how your friends are performing (while they keep an eye on how you're performing). You're able to quickly add new connections straight from the app which makes staying accountable easier than ever. And the monthly leaderboard that zeros out on 1st of every month means you’re motivated to start and end each month with an urge to see your name stay at the front of the pack.



Nothing pushes you to put in work more than a good group challenge. In the app, you can enter into a gym-wide or a small group challenge - or you can start one of your own. Challenges and goal setting are some of the best ways to stay motivated while connecting and competing with friends in the gym, or other MYZONE users around the world.



If you’re a part of a group or are currently working with a personal trainer, our Trainer Integration features will help you get to your goals faster. Features like food logging, body shot photo updates and target tracking help you to constantly communicate your unique progress to your group leader or trainer. We all know, increased accountability means increased results, so you can be sure that if you use these key MYZONE features, you’ll be motivated to meet your fitness goals faster.

What are you favorite features of the MYZONE app? Have you experienced the increased motivation that comes from using the app to make Social Connections? Have you received corrective feedback or encouragement from your trainer through the app? We’d love to know what features you enjoy as well as what types of updates and features you’re still waiting for. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media using #myzone and #myzonemoves.

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