Wareable awards Innovation of the Year for MZ-Switch heart rate monitor

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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Myzone MZ-Switch has been voted Innovation of the Year in the Wareable Tech Awards. Judges picked the world's first heart rate monitor that can be worn on the chest, arm or wrist over competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and other manufacturers.

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Wareable Innovation of the Year award

MZ-Switch one of the best wearables of the year.

Wareable’s annual awards recognise the best wearables of the year, rewarding fitness devices, smartwatches as well as the top new consumer health technologies that have come to market during the year.

As the world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor, Myzone MZ-Switch received the Innovation of the Year award for merging optical and ECG heart rate sensors in one device, allowing users to wear the heart rate monitor in different places around the body – arm, chest and wrist – to best suit their activities. The waterproof device can also be worn in water.


What did the Wareable judges say?

“Chest straps vs wrist-based sensors have always created debate, but the MZ-Switch lets you choose the placement, depending on what you need,” said the judges. “And as such, it's our Innovation of the Year.”

“You can use optical HR sensors on the wrist or forearm for running, but then use the same module on the chest for a more accurate reading, for HIIT, functional fitness or just the most accurate heart rate standards. It's a genuine innovation – and gets our pick of the year.”


The wearable tech to get more people moving.

The goal behind the MZ-Switch heart rate monitor has always been to get more people moving, wherever they want to by physically active. Through offering more varyability in how its worn, the MZ-Switch can be used on the arm, wrist or chest, in the gym, outdoors, on land and in water.



Launched in March 2021, from a business standpoint MZ-Switch has extended Myzone’s reach into the wider physical activity, consumer and wellness markets, while helping gym owners, PTs and operators to engage with their clients, both in and outside of their facilities.

“Wearable tech is evolving all the time, so we are truly delighted to receive this coveted award,” explains Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone. “It’s testament to our ongoing commitment to providing innovative products and services that encourage people to enjoy physical activity to look after their mental and physical health and achieve their goals.”

Discover more about the MZ-Switch heart rate monitor.

Myzone rewards effort through tailoring your individual experience to you, levelling the playing field from one person to the next. That means that, whatever your fitness, ability or years of working out, newbies and gym vets alike can earn the same rewards and Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) based on their own effort.

For more information read about MEPs and the zones or discover more about the MZ-Switch.

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