26 positive quotes to boost your exercise motivation

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Thursday, 28 September 2023

It’s time that we all did more to lead by example and be active, not just physically, but in supporting those around us to make positive behaviour changes.

It all starts with small improvements we can make in the minds of those we love. What can we do to encourage more people to move more often?

Whether it’s stepping through the doors of a gym near you, or lacing up your shoes and exercising outside, here are 26 positive quotes to boost exercise motivation from the Myzone community.

If you're just starting out on your fitness journey, or you know someone that is, it's always best to get some advice for a beginner gym routine. Let’s help more people motivate themselves, measure their effort and maintain daily movement.

Be a good gym buddy

As a friend, go with them the first time or two and teach them. Challenge them but do not push them hard enough to scare them.
Doug Wilson

Offer to work out with them.
Carly Foy

Make a plan that they can succeed at. Showing up is the most important part.
Mary Wieth

Just find something you enjoy and know that progress is a slow road – it’s a marathon and not a sprint.
Chantal Afolawo – read her story

It’s day one or one day. Make it day one and I’ll go with you.
Callie Sepolio

What’s the worst that’ll happen? You fail? Learn why you failed and try again.
Matt Horn-Dog Horner

Go with them and be at their side to start their journey.
Ian Gibson (backed by Diane Winter and Simon Robinson)

We all each and every one of us started at the same place.
Andy Heath

Show them the music video to “I Like To Move It!”
Ross Clark

However you exercise, just exercise

Just showing up is 90% of the battle! Congratulations! You’ve done the majority of the work already!
Eddie Guerra

Just come into the gym. You’ll be welcome.
Tawnee Slabaugh

One step at a time. We’ve all been there. Classes are good for getting to know others, too.
Susan Winters

Don’t feel like you’ve got to rush it all. Just take little steps to get up that ladder. Take your time because then your body gets used to what you’re doing. It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
Jodie Powell – read her story

Just do it. Sometimes just put your trainers on and, instead of going to the gym, just sitting or walking around starts the habit.
Richard Hawkins

Start with low hanging fruit. Make it easy. Easy is better than nothing and you’ll want to come back. Make it fun.
Samantha Adelaide

There’s no such things as ‘can’t’. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s when will you do it. If you struggle with something, just keep going.

If I can do it, we can all do it. I sound like Rocky now! I take a lot of inspiration from him.
Richard Tasker – read his story

Group fitness classes are a great way to meet new people and get comfortable in a gym setting.
Melissa Salls

Gym worries, find a good PT and work them out with a workout

Firstly, find out what they are nervous about. If it's people judging them, find the least busy time in the gym – a quick Google search can find this out.

I once had a client that was so nervous about the gym that I opened it up late in the evening just for them.

If it’s them not knowing what to do, getting a PT session can help ease them into it, but mention that they are nervous about gyms when booking. A good gym will pair anyone with the right PT.

There are many reasons a person can be nervous about the gym environment, so one solution won’t fix the issue. Find out the causes and then find solutions to match.
Richie Kiely

Hardest part is putting your trainers on. After that, just enjoy it.
Martyn Lenthall

Make it fun and add a social element. We walk and listen to anything with a beat, sometimes Eurovision, and we have the best time!

Your relationship with movement doesn’t always have to be hardcore.
Joana Calado – read her story

Everybody is too busy looking at themselves to make any judgements about you, so don’t worry about it!
Jamie Pickup

I haven’t been in my gym for weeks due to my health, but I get all my MEPs at home. One can get a good workout at home!
Steve Caldine

I don’t have any advice but I always give them a smile and say hello. That’s what keeps me going – feeling like I am in a good place. No judgement.
Odette Williams

You only get one body and you have to take care of it. You have to be kind to it so that you can get the best out of life.

That’s always my motivation when it comes to the basics of physical activity.
Zainab Alema – read her story

Nothing to be nervous about. We are all on a different part of our journey and all have to start somewhere. Once you start, it only becomes easier.
Lisa Radler

Jym Army [Jim Stoppani's training programme and content] is a good place to start. Have them read diet 101.
Wilford VanNote

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You can also find more inspiration from 20 tips to get moving: Advice for a beginner gym routine.

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