20 tips to get moving: Advice for a beginner gym routine

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Thursday, 28 September 2023

You’ve searched out “gyms near me” on Google. You’ve bought your workout kit. You’ve gone easy on the snack purchases for the month and you’re ready to get moving. But there’s still a voice to silence in the back of your head.

We spoke to the Myzone community to get these 20 tips to get moving. The question: Heart rate training or not, if someone comes to you nervous about the gym, exercise, or sport, what’s your best advice to get them moving?

The answers below are some great examples of advice to kick off a beginner gym routine. Hungry for more? There's an extra dose of inspiration from 26 positive quotes to boost your exercise motivation.

How to make progress in the gym

Take one day at a time, and don’t do too much too soon. After that, do things consistently.
Mark Cain

After movement I always feel a lot better. It helps regulate my feelings and it relieves stress – that’s a big one. Being a mother of three and having previously worked as a nurse, that can be a lot. Moving helps me get rid of any stressful energy.
Zainab Alema – read her story

Start slow and keep moving forward.
Wesley Arledge

Bringing unrealistically high expectations lower makes a big difference. You don’t have to go to the gym for an hour, you can do a few bodyweight exercises at home.

Find joy through movement and embrace intuitive movement. What feels good for your body in the moment? It could be dance, it could be a gentle walk, or it could be a really hardcore spin class! It’s about not forcing yourself, which ultimately gets you to do more.
Rebecca Guy – read her story

Like Nike say… Just do it!
Lisa-Marie Hughes

All my life I have been overweight. Everyone told me all the things I couldn’t do – "you can’t play football, you can’t do any sports…" I just felt the urge to prove them all wrong.

They told me I couldn’t do pull-ups, I can do them now. They told me that I couldn’t do back bridges and other moves, and I proved them wrong.
Richard Slack – read his story

Some people have more time on the path and some less. But we all start with today.
Michael Hanson

Get on a bike, pedal, and just look around. Relax… Just be comfortable being there. One day at a time.
Joanne Wilson

The hardest part of exercising is getting started. That even goes for someone that has done it for a while.

Just start and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
Rick Perkins

We’re all on the same journey of fitness and wellness

We’ve all been there – and sometimes still are there – but do it anyway! You’ll thank yourself.
Ros Thomson

If I had to give someone starting out in sport advice, I’d say don’t compare yourself to other people. You’re on a journey to reach your goal, whatever that may be.
Chantal Afolawo – read her story

Doing anything is better than nothing.
Marcy Lucas

Just do what you can do. You’re already doing better than a couch potato.
Karin Anne

Showing up is 99% of success.
Zappy Russel

Everyone is in the gym for their own reasons, whether it be fitness, mental health, etc. Don’t stress out about others.

The hardest part isn’t signing up to the gym, it’s coming through those doors for that first workout.

Once you achieve that then the hardest part is done.
Nettie Perren

My advice to anyone starting out on their fitness journey is to keep trying something new. It doesn’t have to be the usual gym or a certain sport.

You can go for a walk to start off, but try to enjoy it as much as possible. If you’re not enjoying it then you’re not going to want to do it again, so that’s important.
Zaniece Hall – read her story

One day at a time… The first day is the hardest (both mentally and physically), but as time goes on then your body starts to crave it and it no longer becomes a gruelling or dreaded chore to go to the gym.

You’ll actually look forward to gym sessions and it becomes part of your daily routine, improving not only your physical fitness but, more importantly, your state of mind.
Cheryl Mishio

Don’t overthink it… Once you realise there is nothing to be scared of, you feel motivated.

We are all on our own journey, and I personally and silently applaud anyone who takes the plunge.
Cathy Middleton

As a starting point, it’s all accessible. There’s not really a technique as long as you can hop on a bike or put one foot in front of another. Whatever it is, you can get moving.

I think a lot of people are deterred by the intensity of people who work out a lot, but just use your body, explore, and that’s the way to make a start.
Jamie McSherry – read his story

Getting through that door is the hardest challenge. Consider how you would feel about a homeless person in a job centre trying to better their life. You’d admire them.

It’s no different to an unfit person in a gym who is taking steps to better their life. You’re admirable.
Jaquelyn Mother-Moon

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You can also find more inspiration from 26 positive quotes to boost your exercise motivation.

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