Achieve peak performance with Myzone, Wolverson and PUMA at HYROX

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The wait is over. You’ve worked on your speed, strength and endurance, you’ve registered for the event and you’re ready to take part in the ultimate fitness challenge at the first HYROX Birmingham.

Here’s how you can put all your training to use and join the global fitness race with Myzone, Wolverson Fitness and PUMA.

Waz Ashayer in a PUMA HYROX top with a Wolverson Fitness wall ball

Monitor your effort in the global fitness race.

To help you to achieve your peak performance on the day, Myzone – the official heart rate monitor partner to HYROX – is giving you the opportunity to race with the most accurate wearable heart rate tracker on the market, for free.

Track your effort as you rack up those 8km and tackle each of the punishing functional exercises. Pacing yourself will be critical. Myzone’s colour-coded zones will tell you how hard your heart is working during the race, so you know when you need to shift gears to help you complete the course – as 99% of all competitors do – in your fastest time.  


Great prizes from the best HYROX partners.

To make HYROX Birmingham a truly memorable fitness experience, Myzone has teamed up with fellow HYROX partners, Wolverson Fitness and PUMA, to give you the chance to win some fantastic prizes in an exclusive event competition.

The aim of the competition is to earn the most MEPs (Myzone Effort Points). These are the points Myzone awards you for the effort you put in. The harder you work on race day, the more points you will earn. It couldn’t be easier to take part. If you have a Myzone belt, simply register for the competition at the Myzone stand.


How to take part in the Myzone challenge.

If you’re new to Myzone, download the Myzone app before the event and enter the facility code HYROXUK001. Visit the Myzone stand after registration at the event to collect your Myzone device.

Then head over to the PUMA van where you’ll be kitted out with an awesome pair of PUMA Fuse trainers to try out in the Wolverson Fitness Challenge Zone.

Here, the functional fitness specialists will take you through a series of activities and speed tests to help you prepare for the main event and start earning those MEPs, with prizes available for the quickest times in each challenge.

After the Challenge Zone, make your way to the HYROX warm-up area for your final preparations before heading to the start line. Return to the Myzone stand after the race to record all the points you’ve earned during the day and see where you are on the leaderboard.

The male and female with the most MEPs will receive an amazing prize which includes:

• Myzone’s MZ-Switch – the world’s only interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors or in the water

• Wolverson Wallballs – a brilliantly versatile tool for building explosive power, flexibility, stamina, speed, strength, agility, accuracy, coordination and balance

• A pair of PUMA Fuse trainers plus a full PUMA outfit.

Everyone has the chance to win an incredible prize at the event.


One app, one device; endless ways to train.

Whether you are new to HYROX or a returning athlete, competing by yourself or in the mixed team relay, let Myzone be your personal coach in one of the world’s greatest fitness challenges.

It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to amazing. With Myzone, you can achieve your best performance and smash your goals. You may even qualify for the HYROX World Championships! Taking part in a HYROX race?

Go straight to the Myzone stand after collecting your event pack to find out more on how you can win.

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