20 questions to ask yourself that will improve your life

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

We are only going to improve the wellbeing of our nation by holding ourselves and our communities accountable to the basics of holistic health. The team at Training Shed has not only acknowledged this, but they’ve come up with a solution that brings our physical and mental fitness to the forefront of our minds through a series of 20 simple questions to ask yourself that will improve your life.

Wellbeing score

What do we need to be asking to improve our health and fitness?

It only takes 20 questions to cover all the important bases of improving your health and fitness. Creating talking points from these questions – even if those talking points are a mental note to yourself – will bring lasting change that makes the difference.

Covering hydration, nutrition, physical activity, body composition, sleep, the engaging test from Training Shed allows us to envisage a world where fitness is no longer about the six packs and bench presses of yesteryear’s stereotypes.

Simple changes bring real results. The first of its kind, data taken from this test has been pulled together to create the Wellbeing Score Report, also referred to in the media as Heath and Wellbeing of the Nation Report.


What is the Training Shed Wellbeing Score Report?

Collating data from over 3000 people, the goals of the Wellbeing Score Report are to highlight the current state of the nation, provoke conversation, provide a universal and quantifiable measure of wellbeing, enhance wellbeing education and solutions, and to better the wellbeing of the nation.

Based around a premise of increasing awareness, encouraging understanding and implementing change, the Training Shed Wellbeing Score Report highlights some important home truths. If you want to take the test yourself, you can also discover your own Wellbeing Score by reading on.


Why is this wellbeing report so important?

Short term daily goals and reminders of what you need on a regular basis are a lot more achievable than thinking of the endgame fitness result that you may be used to dreaming of. In order to be healthy in the long-term, the wellbeing report helps you keep track of yourself daily, rather than being overwhelmed by bigger goals of the future.

“This scoring system in the inaugural Wellbeing Score Report highlights precisely why our overall health is more than just about traditional fitness,” explains David Stalker, CEO of Myzone EMEA.

“Whether you struggle with movement, mobility, nutrition or sleep, only through a holistic approach of regularly reminding ourselves of our basic needs can we continue to stay truly healthy in the years ahead. This easily-to-understand wellbeing score is something that can keep us all on track, no matter what life throws our way.”


Who’s behind the Wellbeing Score Report?

Training Shed is the wellness and lifestyle company that’s been leading the charge in delivering these insights through months of research into how people live their daily lives.

“Training Shed aims to enhance the wellbeing of the nation by improving the delivery of wellbeing education and providing innovative solutions to tackle health problems in the UK,” explains Glen Thurgood, CEO of The Training Shed and co-founder of the Wellbeing Score.

“Our wealth is our health, now more than ever we want to work with individuals, coaches and organisations in partnership to enhance the wellbeing score reach and results for all.”



What’s the state of my own wellbeing?

Sometimes we think that we’re doing alright at staying healthy when we’re actually oblivious to bad habits that have crept in day and night. Similarly, we may feel that we’re not doing particularly well at keeping ourselves in check, until we see the benchmark required and realise we’re going above and beyond, which is no bad thing.

Asking yourself the questions included in this score and resulting report on a regular basis will enable you to track how you’re living, what you’re doing well, and what areas you may need to focus on.

If you’re ready to find out what your Wellbeing Score says about you, score your personal health and wellness.

Two of the best ways to ensure you form and continue to keep good habits through positive behaviour change is by rewarding your effort and surrounding yourself with people of a similar mindset.

Myzone provides wearable technology that helps keep you accountable with your goals, and a community of others within the Myzone app pushing for the same long term results – to keep moving and stay healthy.

For more information on the Myzone app, visit the app homepage. If you haven't already, buy a heart rate monitor and get moving with the Myzone community.


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