How a Spartan race will take your fitness to the next level

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Looking for your next fitness challenge? Look no further than Spartan - the fun and friendly world of obstacle course racing. Here’s how to take your fitness to the next level.

Book a race day, train to overcome any obstacle and discover how you can become unbreakable with the Spartan Myzone partnership.

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Everyone is welcome on the start line.

Forget all the myths you’ve heard about obstacle course racing; you don’t have to be a super fit athlete or have zero per cent body fat to take part. These events are about having fun and putting your mental and physical strengths to the test in a welcoming and supportive community.


Find a Spartan race near you.


There’s something liberating and exhilarating about running, walking, climbing, crawling, jumping and yes, getting wet and muddy, in the great outdoors. Can’t run it? Walk the course instead. Worried about some of the obstacles? Your fellow Spartans will lend you a hand to help you over a wall or across a beam to get you to the finish line. That’s what it means to be part of the Spartan tribe.


Turbocharge your training with Spartan.

When you sign up to a Spartan race, you give new purpose to your training. As a Myzone mover, you know all about putting the effort in. With a date in the diary, you’ll want to step up your training, working every part of your body as you prepare for the race. And with Myzone to motivate and challenge you, you can make sure every workout counts.

The perfect personal trainer, Myzone will help you get better, stronger and faster, however and wherever you choose to train. Get involved in the Myzone challenges, join Myzone movers from across the globe in Cardio Club, whatever it takes to hit your numbers and smash your goals.

From the moment you start training, you grow your fitness family giving you more support and encouragement than ever. Share your Spartan journey with your Myzone community and celebrate your fitness successes along the way. Who knows, your efforts might inspire others to get involved.


Achieve more than you thought possible.

From the moment you step out on to the course, you will feel the support of your fellow Spartans. Everyone wants you to succeed and together you will overcome the obstacles to make it to the finish line; it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

With Myzone tracking your performance as you make your way around the unpredictable terrain, helping you to manage your effort to stay the course, you will test yourself in new ways. You will be amazed at what you can achieve and the feeling of pure elation you get as you cross the finish line will be incredible. Chances are, you’ll be hooked.

Be warned: Spartan may change your life. Prepare to have fun and an epic experience.

Book your Spartan race. For more information on the Myzone app, visit the app homepage. If you haven't already, buy a heart rate monitor and get moving with the Myzone and Spartan community.


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