A Gamification Inspired Wearable

Now that we have thoroughly explained why investing in the best fitness wearable with an accurate heart rate monitor (more specifically the MZ-3) is an accurate and worthwhile investment when it comes to fitness trackerswe also want to tell you why it is a whole lot of fun!

Remember how addictive PacMan was in the 80's, or Mario Kart in the 90's, or Minecraft is today? You remember that sense of achievement you felt when you simply avoided a ghost? Or how good it was to dodge an oncoming red shell? Do you believe that it's possible to associate those same feelings of achievement and success with exercise? MYZONE was developed with a point system in place so that you can have as much fun in your club as you used to in your member's only jacket, playing PacMan in the arcade.

How is this possible, you ask? The answerGamification!

Gamification is a fancy new term for "adding gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation". What this innovative concept means for you and I is that something like driving to work, cleaning the bathroom, or even going to the gym can suddenly become fun, even enjoyable if these gamelike elements are in place. Knowledge of this principle led many fitness tracker developers to integrate game elements into their systems, in hopes of gaining and retaining wearers who have fun using their product. However, many have now caught on to the fact that, though gamification is a proven method in encouraging both individual and group participation, it MUST be paired with accurate fitness wearables in order to see results.

According to the National Institute of Health, training in your target heart rate zone will help you reach your goals faster. With the MYZONE system, the road to improved health and fitness is paved with fun challenges and status rankings. Fitness goals are met only when you are motivated to put in the required workout effort. Luckily, and accurate wearables designed with gamification features can make meeting those fitness goals tons of fun!

Using gamification in conjunction with an accurate workout effort tracking wearables (see last week's post), MYZONE brings gamelike features and exercise together in a way that makes earning MEPs feel just like you're dodging ghasts or building a portal to the Nether!

Has MYZONE's gamification inspired wearable helped you meet your goals through gamification and friendly competition? Share your stories with us using #EffortRewarded

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