Wearable Tech is Impacting the Fitness Industry

By: kes_nee

Weight Watchers built a $2 Billion company using a simple points system to motivate good behavior. But when technology arrived it  introduced a better and cheaper way to both track nutrition and leverage the use of points. Weight Watchers couldn’t keep up with the rapid growth in the fitness-tech world and lost over 50% of their net profit margin in what seemed like overnight!

The main product of HIIT based gyms, however, is really “exercise” itself. HIIT gyms have found success using equipment, classes, and professional guidance-so it is fair to conclude that their core offering is not threatened by an app. The primary challenge that HIIT based gyms face is maintaining each member at a high level of intensity over the long haul. Exercise often becomes a chore for the average person, HIIT becomes hard to keep up with, and attrition rates well above the industry average of 40% is the biggest challenge HIIT clubs face. So how can tracking help? wearable tech

Feedback, achievement, and giving the member a sense of consistent progress throughout their fitness journey is a powerful solution to the disengagement issue. But not just any activity tracking, one that measures exercise intensity, because that’s what HIIT based gyms are selling- exercise at a higher intensity than the member would ordinarily do by themselves, in a safe environment, over the long haul.

FACT: MYZONE’s MZ-3 belt is 99.4% accurate to an EKG/ECG machine. It measures both intensity and duration of exercise via heart rate and feeds the data back in real time. MYZONE uses a point system to reward workout effort and keep exercise fun. Finally, MYZONE has been proven in almost 30 different countries to motivate regular gym members to put in more effort, more often, for a longer period of time.

HIIT clubs can get started with their own workout effort tracking ecosystem for an investment as small as $900. Contact us and talk with customer service agent to find out more.

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