Group Heart Rate Monitors Need to be Accurate

By: kes_nee

Activity wearables and group heart rate monitors are booming. 10% of the North American population currently wear one—up from 5% last year. However, many of those wearables only measure movement of the wrist and not genuine exercise activity. They give you easy credit for blow drying your hair or sending emails! Since when is the effort that goes into an 18” box jump the same as a regular step?

There is no doubt that FitBit and Jawbone can change a users behavior. In truth, tracking any metric can provide an instant sense of accomplishment. But here's the secret to the best group heart rate monitors— ACCURATE metrics. Accelerometers and pedometers encourage users to get off the bus one stop early and walk, which is a great start. However, these devices don’t drive exercise behavior because they don’t track intensity, therefore they don’t track exercise!

Group Heart Rate Monitors Provide an Accurate Experience

The gold standard of exercise tracking is heart rate. That’s why MYZONE tracks heart rate for gym members in nearly 30 countries around the world. The MYZONE MZ-3 uses a proprietary device that is 99.4% accurate to an EKG/ECG machine. The MZ-3 belt is a group heart rate monitor that gives instant exercise feedback and motivates each wearer to put in the effort required to get the results they want.

When a member pays $100-$200 a month for the HIIT experience, they should have an engaging experience. We know that devices, apps, gamification, leaderboards, status ranking, challenges, goal setting, sharing and progress motivate people—so why not leverage the wearable movement with a device that speaks to your product of HIIT? Group heart rate monitors give instant workout effort feedback to each user both in the gym and on the go. This extra benefit can help you sell and retain HIIT based exercise packages. MYZONE can help you attract more monthly payments from more people.

HIIT clubs can get started with their own group heart rate monitors for an investment as small as $900. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more.

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