Join MZ-Together: the shared fitness classes in and out of the gym

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

This is the ultimate in scalable, engaging workouts. Offer Myzone-led live class experiences, ready to schedule.  

Live feedback and in-the-moment motivation, anywhere! Embrace working out with an engaged heart rate training community, ready to keep your members moving as part of an exciting class experience, in and out of the gym.

Part of Myzone Premium, MZ-Together means your members can jump on a piece of cardio in the club, or exercise outside, and be coached live by a Myzone master trainer.

Why choose MZ-Together?

Now you can implement Myzone’s own live schedule into your programming, immediately. MZ-Together lets fitness professionals engage a community any time of day or night, and lets Myzone movers or end users work out wherever they want in a shared training experience.

Regular sessions guiding participants through the heart rate zones with MZ-Together means trainers can connect with every member of small or large group exercise experiences, in or out of the gym, anywhere in the world.

What is MZ-Together?

MZ-Together allows gyms and Myzone movers to schedule and take part in Myzone live classes such as Cardio Club, using the booking diary.

Myzone unlocked this secret to group exercise for anyone in lockdown or struggling with gym closures during the pandemic using its MZ-Remote platform (now developed as part of MZ-Club).

Fitness instructor on a bike, leading a class working out together inside and outside of the gym

For members and the greater community, it’s a class experience that works, giving you results and new community relationships with every move.

  • Leverage Zoom integration to deliver Myzone streamed classes, incorporating Myzone’s live display and Myzone professional coaches.
  • Scale outside your four walls.
  • No music licence costs because a participant is on their own personal device.
  • Participants’ privacy is protected, with two-way video feed optional.
  • Full training and marketing support during set-up for operators.

Who is MZ-Together for?

Operators and fitness professionals

  • Add value to your virtual fitness offering and provide an experience of community and accountability to classes that drive effort for improved results.
  • Expand your classes for members, so now there’s no such thing as “fully booked.” With MZ-Together, members can join a class in the room, elsewhere in your gym, at home or outside. Your studio just got bigger.
  • Tie-in with MZ-On Demand and MZ-Club to schedule a full timetable of 100+ classes every week, delivered by Myzone, with no extra effort, and the option to schedule your own.

Members/Individual Myzone movers.

  • Work out anywhere and never train alone, with the full class experience, however you want to move.
  • Be part of a group of passionate people holding each other accountable and pushing for the same heart rate zones together, no matter whether you want to run, cycle, burpee or box.
  • All you need is a Myzone heart rate monitor and a smartphone with the Myzone app.

MZ-Together is part of Myzone Premium, the complete tech package for community experiences in and out of the gym, including MZ-Club, MZ-On Demand, and MZ-Maps.

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