Myzone Breakdown: On the Go Belt Storage

2 min read
Friday, 30 September 2016

Imagine playing an entire soccer game while carrying your smartphone. Or try to picture yourself carrying your phone while you attend your next Pure Barre class. Dragging your phone along in either of these scenarios would be annoying and would most likely keep you from getting the most out of your exercise. Not all workouts can be accompanied by your smartphone, we get that. That’s why the ability to store up to 16 hours of data in your MZ-3 chest strap is a feature that we know you couldn’t go without.

All of your fitness efforts should be rewarded, whether you’re in the gym, on the go, or not able to carry your smartphone with you. The MZ-3 heart rate monitor is able to record and store your effort data for fitness training, even when you’re away from the gym and your smartphone. The little black module on your chest strap was built to record and reward all of your effort. As long as you wear your belt, you never miss out on a chance to earn MEPs. Before you take off your belt, get back to your phone and simply open the MYZONE app and your workout data will upload into your personal account or find the MYZONE receiver in your club to get your data saved to your account. Don’t worry if you forget, the MYZONE physical activity tracker can store up to 16 hours of data on your MZ-3 until the next time you connect your belt with the MYZONE app or your club’s MYZONE system. No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, strap on your MZ-3 beforehand so you know how much effort you put in. So when you finish your next tough mudder, soccer game, color run, or pure barre class, you can rest easy knowing your effort was recorded and you’ll still be rewarded.

Belt storage is an important part of the MYZONE experience for many users who don’t want to worry about having their phone with them at all times. How have you used the MZ-3 to track your fitness training when you were away from your club and smartphone? What MEP earning activities do you participate in that require you to leave your phone behind? Share your story with others in the MYZONE community on social media using #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves.

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