How can fitness testing keep your members engaged?

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Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Want to keep your members for longer? Then it’s time to put fitness testing at the heart of your customer journey and build lasting relationships with your clients.

As a fitness professional, you'll already be clued up about the importance of fitness testing when members join your facility, but how good are you at using it to engage members throughout their fitness pathway? Too often, we underestimate the value of fitness testing for long-term benefit. When embedded into your member journey, fitness testing is a powerful tool for engaging, motivating and ultimately retaining members. We expand on three main reasons for this below.


Bettering your relationships

Regular fitness testing gives you more opportunities to engage with your clients. And this is so much more than a “Hi, how’s it going?” when you see a client in the gym. Simple and quick assessments like the MZ-Fitness Test 2.0 and the MZ-Beep Test promote meaningful interaction where you get a chance to learn more about your clients, and them learn more about themselves. Over time, this helps to build trusted relationships with your members which, as we all know, is key to loyalty.


Driving members' motivation to move

Regardless of whether your client is exercising for the first time, on a rehabilitation journey or training for an endurance event like Spartan or the ever-popular HYROX, regular fitness testing will keep them motivated.

Quick and easy to perform, both the Myzone Fitness Test 2.0 and the MZ-Beep will give you:

  • An accurate baseline from which you can set suitable goals for your members to target ahead of their next programmed assessment.
  • A way to keep your clients focused and committed to their training routine.
  • A way to judge the effectiveness of your members’ workout programme and where you need to make adjustments.

The assessments also allow you to praise your clients for the effort they have put in. You can congratulate them publicly, whether that’s in person, in your facility or on the Myzone app, increasing those engagement touchpoints. We all know clients love sharing results with their friends, family, and community!


Providing feedback, seeing results

What’s the one thing that all clients want from their gym? It’s results, right? Performing regular fitness tests with your members gives them important feedback that, otherwise, they can’t always see for themselves. Many clients are still guided by what they read on scales or in the mirror, which doesn’t truly reflect where they’re at and can often be a negative experience.

Achieving goals requires effort and consistency. Regular fitness testing helps with both of these by breaking down the fitness journey, allowing clients to see how far they have come and the fitness gains they have made. This spurs them on and helps keeps them on track to achieve their goals.

These are just some of the reasons why regular fitness testing should form the basis of your member journey. Doing so will elevate your offering by providing an additional service to your members that is personalised to their needs and goals and that they will truly value.

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