Meeting members where they are at Fusion Training

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Monday, 26 September 2022

Keeping your clients motivated and engaged, wherever they are on their fitness journey, is the secret to helping them achieve their results. And results means happy customers, which means better retention.

Danielle Childs is the owner and manager of Fusion Training in Archbold, Ohio. She was struggling with her former heart rate system, Polar, and wanted to engage members on a deeper level, when she came across Myzone.

An integrative way of engaging members.

“Our focus at Fusion is semi-private and group training. We had used Polar, which was ok but really limited. Only a couple of our clients were utilising it, so we decided to move away from it. We invested in Myzone to differentiate ourselves and do something totally different. We felt it was a really cool and unique way to connect with our members, keep them engaged, bring new people in and also retain memberships.”

Another benefit of the technology was its ability to integrate with other Apps, says Danielle.

“A lot of our clients have Apple watches and use their Fitbit. I love the fact that Myzone can integrate with other Apps and provides other tracking and measurable features than just steps and heart rate.”

Learn more about how Myzone integrates with other wearables here.

Every member is unique.

As we all know, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness. Myzone lets you recognise and reward all members from absolute beginners to seasoned pros, says Danielle, recognising the inclusivity of the product.

“Our members are all different shapes, sizes and ages. We have people who are just starting exercise, people who have been with us for years and everything in between. I think everybody can really benefit from using Myzone.”

It’s not just about recognising every member is unique however, it’s about being able to grow each member and progress them in a personal way, that’s efficient for you too.

“The great thing about it is that it meets you where you are and grows with you. As members naturally progress and get stronger and healthier, they are able to work a little bit harder and their maximum heart rate changes and their zones in Myzone reflect that.”

Tracking effort 24/7, anywhere

One feature of Myzone that Danielle and her staff have most actively embraced, is the flexibility and freedom the technology gives them. Her trainers can now host indoor or outdoor sessions and track member effort effectively across both.

“It’s great because everybody can still utilise their Myzone, even if we train outdoors. They just have their App open on their phone and have it beside them so they can track their zones.”

“It’s really given us a lot of flexibility. When we do our virtual training, our clients are either watching a recording of a session that was recorded earlier in the week, or they’re doing live with the coach. We tell them to get their Myzone on and they’re ready to go. So whether they’re here or not, they’re able to track their effort and make sure they’re staying in the right zone.”

For most clients, exercising in the right zone is about ensuring the most efficient and effective workout. But for others, evidencing their effort is about giving them the confidence to train and the ability to train safely.

“Myzone is great for new members or prospects. For a lot of people getting started, it’s been so long since they’ve worked out that they’re not really sure how hard to push or they may do too much, so it has really helped. We also have a couple of members with health issues and it’s been such a great tool for them.”

Overall, Fusion are now enjoying greater member engagement, with their members connecting with both their staff and each other, which is evidenced in that new found feeling of ‘family’.


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