Myzone selected as an approved vendor for Anytime Fitness

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Anytime Fitness will leverage Myzone, the most ‘relevant’ wearable technology in the fitness industry, to improve member engagement, motivation and retention. It will also allow members to receive accurate feedback on their workouts, both inside and outside of the facility.

“Our members tell us that real-time information about how many calories they’re burning and how hard they’re working out is a great motivator,” said Chuck Runyon, CEO and co-founder of Anytime Fitness. “Myzone gives them exactly that type of instant feedback and the technology results in more efficient, more productive time in the gym. Our members love it.”

Launched in 2011, Myzone technology was created to drive exercise adherence within fitness communities. Myzone uses live in-club heart rate tracking, smartphone-based gamification, and social media mechanisms to track, incentivize and keep users accountable to the effort they apply. The telemetry can be displayed collectively in group settings and exercise classes, or individually direct to your smartphone via the Myzone app. The app allows engagement, motivation, and communities to flourish.

“We are very excited to be an approved vendor of Anytime Fitness as they continue to rollout a wide array of group training and coaching programs to their 4,200 clubs around the world,” said Mike Leveque, Chief Operating Officer of Myzone.
Myzone is currently represented in over 6,000 facilities in 65+ countries and translated into 19 languages.

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