Fitness tech at CES

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Friday, 29 January 2016

After ACSM named wearable tech as the must-try fitness trend of 2016, MYZONE knew the annual CES conference was going to be a huge success. What is CES? CES stands for “Consumer Electronics Show” and it is held in Las Vegas every year. CES is where innovators gather to test, prove, preview and learn more about the latest breakthrough technologies in the field. For MYZONE, CES presented us with an opportunity to not only gain exposure and interact with others in our field, but it also allowed us to learn from and adapt to the changes and trends in the fitness tech industry. For our team, CES was educational, enlightening and a whole lot of fun.


The MYZONE booth was a hit with the CES crowd--even THE Shaquille O'Neal stopped by to talk to our CEO, Dave Wright, and to check out the MZ-3! We had a wonderful model at our booth showing off our newest and most comfortable innovation, The MYZONE sports bra. We also featured large TV screens giving each passerby a glimpse of the MYZONE system by way of our promo video and a group display showcasing live tiles as they would be viewed in the gym.


Our CEO, Dave Wright, took part in a panel discussion on the opening day of CES to talk about sports wearable data credibility. Dave told the crowd that the secret to data taken from fitness tech is this: “Keeping people motivated and data intuitive and easy to digest is key.” At MYZONE we’re all about intuitive, real time data that motivates users to keep moving. MYZONE and our MEPs system were made to give you the feedback you need to keep you moving and competing with yourself and those around you.

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