Gamification With Myzone Zone Match

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Thursday, 1 December 2022

Gamification is defined as, “the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (such as a task) to encourage participation.” To make fitness more engaging, fun, and addictive; helping create sustainable fitness habits.  

This blog post is dedicated to identifying some of the strengths and challenges of the Zone Match class, a specific gamification feature that we use at Myzone to reduce the pain of cardio.

What is Zone Match?

A unique workout where participants are challenged to hit a target heart rate zone on the screen. This may be a zone higher than they’re working in or lower, which is equally as hard! At the end of the session, participants receive an accurate report detailing the percentage of time they spent in the target zones. The challenge is to get as close to 100% as you can. This gamified element keeps participants entertained during class but also ready to go again once they get their score.

The Zone Match feature is a crowd favourite among participants, group fitness instructors, and personal trainers.

We’ll outline both the strengths of the Zone Match feature for trainers and make some suggestions for best practices, below:

1. Provides Accountability

More detailed than the Myzone tiles on the screen, the Zone Match feature enables coaching geared toward specific intensities and durations. This allows instructors to map out and monitor the intensity of each training session so that they can provide real-time feedback, assisting the participants in hitting their target zones and fitness goals.

2. Organization for the Instructor

Using the Zone Match feature, instructors can plan classes in advance, organizing the flow of intensity according to the goals of the session. Further, the instructor can provide specific intensity and duration targets throughout the workout.

This organization allows instructors to step into the class fully prepared with a game plan and coaching points.

3. Delivers Immediate Accuracy Feedback

The accuracy report at the end of the class provides participants with immediate feedback on how well they matched the intensity parameters throughout the class.

Based on the feedback, instructors can highlight strengths from the session or weaknesses that could be improved upon next time. Further, the instructor can get feedback about their coaching by asking the participants what was clear or unclear.

4. Makes Exercise a Game

One of the most popular components of the Zone Match feature is that it provides a moving target - literally - throughout the workout. Participants are challenged to focus and control their effort according to the target intensity.

The Zone Match feature lends to continuous engagement throughout the class since the participant's accuracy score depends on reaching a constantly changing goal.

In summary, The Zone Match feature has excellent gamification potential for engaging your members and motivating them in the longer term. The perfect tool for in-club, in class, at home, or on holiday for your members - better yet you can track their efforts through the app, offering them a supportive thumbs up!

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