How to shoot a health and fitness video: behind the scenes

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Thursday, 31 August 2023

The sun rises, casting a warm, golden hue over a pristine beach, where the rhythmic sound of waves serves as a backdrop to a group of turbo-fit models. Their toned influencer bodies glisten with sweat as they power through a series of impractical and unachievable exercises.

Forget the “get a six-pack in six minutes” YouTube aspirations. This is how to shoot a heart rate monitor health and fitness video for real, with a focus on effort over ego, every time.

What’s the secret to a strong fitness and wellness brand video?

“We’re lucky enough to have a passionate and diverse community that’s excited to work hard with us, both physically and professionally,” explains Kerry, chief marketing officer for Myzone.

“Connected fitness is an exciting field to play in. Together we’re making movement a movement, united by effort and measured in MEPs.”


@myzonemoves If you ain't moving, tell me what you came for... Sneak peek at the new shoot. Massive thanks to @NOBULL for the styling. #videoshoot #photoshoot #behindthescenes #BTS #gym #davidlloyd #gymclothes #workout ♬ What You Came For - Mosca


“Ultimately the strength of any brand is always about its people. Surrounding yourself with authenticity and putting the effort in to ensure that you’re consistently working to high standards is the only way forward.

“Both in front of and behind the scenes, this project is an ongoing collaborative effort between Myzone staff, our gym partners, the athletes we work with, and our community that we’re proud to be a part of.

“Together, we’re passionately inspiring and motivating people to move, move more, and keep moving for life.”

The NOBULL approach to styling a video shoot

Styling a fitness photo and video shoot right is key to everything.

It's not just about ensuring people feel comfortable on-set, but giving an audience the look and feel that they can identify with as a community is the difference between branding that lands, and ‘just another video’ that’s discarded into the YouTube ether.

The NOBULL community has grown to millions of athletes around the world, from CrossFit, American Football, and the Olympics, to football / soccer, golf, and everyday gym goers or exercise fans.

In their own words, they’re “a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don't believe in excuses.”

Two women in a gym wearing NOBULL clothing

“We needed a clothing partner that understood where we were coming from as a close-knit community of people moving together,” explains Kerry.

“We all know what it’s like to work hard and put the effort in, because we all share the same experiences, even if we’re miles apart in ability or geography.

“NOBULL appreciate that training is everything, and their products are not only so much more than fit for purpose, but they’ve got a style that transcends disciplines. It’s the movement that defines us.

“The NOBULL clothing and footwear ranges are just as effective in the gym as they are on a night out or to lounge about in. We’re living a life of movement, so why not pick an apparel partner with products you can live in at any time?”

Location scouting for a fitness and wellness shoot

Fuelling a brand and its surrounding community through exciting images and video takes a lot of scouting and visiting some special locations.

At Myzone, we’re lucky to not only have access to outdoor spaces but also to work with gym partners that ensure a level of excellence, no matter the angle.

With a network spanning the globe, we’re only just getting started, but this project took to the streets of London for sensational spaces that are always full of elite and every day athletes on the move.

Children taking part in a video shoot in a gym

Hyde Park is home to miles of pathways and trails frequented by cyclists, runners, and race preppers. Jamie McSherry jumped on his bike to earn MEPs in the saddle before splashing into The Serpentine with his MZ-Switch for a swim, showing the versatility of a heart rate monitor.

Hidden away in a quiet corner of Marylebone, AMP Athletic is a personal training gym that’s small but perfectly formed for results. Here we shot the Myzone FAQ and ‘how to’ content, along with footage of exercises for children showing how kids love to move.


@myzonemoves How do you inspire the next generation? #yoga #babyyoga #family #yogaclass #exercise #movement #recovery ♬ original sound - Myzone


If you don’t know the boutique beauty found at Third Space, we have plenty of athletes to be your guides. The luxury health club saw adaptive athlete weightlifting, relaxation and recovery in a baby yoga class, a session of cycling in the studio, and plenty of sled action on the gym floor with Zainab Alema.

Last on the location list but by no means least, David Lloyd Heston opened its Blaze studio for a community class workout, a swim session, and a Zumba class in the dance studio.

Choosing the right production team to document the whole thing

When you’re in the moment and every second counts, you need just as much effort and enthusiasm behind the camera as you have in front of it.

Independent content production company, Meldrum and Dent, specialise in visuals and vibes that have brought brand progression to the likes of Under Armour, Huel, and Arsenal Football Club.

A video monitor showing a woman playing tennis on a David Lloyd court

Co-founders Stuart Meldrum and Chris Dent head up a team of performance-capturing professionals that are working just as hard behind the scenes as any athlete they’re focussed on.

The difference here? You see the passion for getting that special moment. Detail counts, and M&D are devils for it… Every move, every rep, and every MEP.

Keep an eye out for plenty more to come.

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