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By: kes_nee

As discussed in our post last week, step counts, optical blood flow, and calorie estimates are not the gold standard of workout effort tracking. According to the Institute of National Health, accurate heart rate monitoring is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. knowing that your heart is a life-giving muscle that becomes stronger as you exercise it, accuracy in BPM readings sounds incredibly important.

A chest strap monitors your heart rate so that you are able to maintain the intensity required to meet your fitness goals. And it helps to strengthen that life-sustaining muscle located in your chest. A wrist tracker nor a phone app is able to accurately take into account the number of pushups and squats you did, or how many kettle bell swings you churned out. But with a chest strap heart rate measurement, you can know when to push yourself harder or when to slow down based on the real-time feedback coming straight from your heart. If you want an accurate reading during traditional and non-traditional exercise, the chest strap is the clear choice.


The MZ-3 for example, is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine. Before, during, and after a workout the MZ-3 will provide you with accurate feedback on your workout intensity and effort. It was developed to motivate the wearer by using heart rate based exercise intensity data, aligning with intensity-based global recommendations on physical activity. Displaying your effort output levels and allowing you to compare your intensity with others pushes you to work harder than ever before. With 16 hours of data storage right inside of your belt, you can hike, bike, climb, or compete in a marathon and know your effort will be rewarded.

Have you found wrist trackers to be inconsistent? Do you believe your chest strap is the best method when it comes to accurate gym motivation? Share with us using #EffortRewarded.

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