Stay On Top of Your New Year's Resolution

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year’s resolutions—we all make them and we all have trouble sticking to them. This year plan out some resolutions that are an attainable challenge. If you want to see better results in your workouts, make sure you’re hitting the gym and staying in the yellow and red zones, as well as using your MYZONE MZ-3 belt to aid in tracking fitness resolutions. If you want to eat better, be sure to plan ahead with a grocery list for pre-planned out meals. Here are 5 New Year's resolution tips to stay on track:

5 new year's resolution tips using MYZONE

1. Be realistic

This is a very common challenge people face. It’s hard not to over-reach, but as much as you might want to improve or change something, make sure it’s within the realm of something possible. These goals shouldn’t be easy, but make sure they’re something you can work toward with effort and determination. Your resolution needs to be something you can achieve and be proud of for doing so.

2. Track your progress

There are many ways to work on tracking fitness resolutions and hold yourself accountable to a goal. If your resolution is increasing your exercise effort, then reach for your MYZONE MZ-3 belt and keep pushing yourself to stay in the yellow or red zones. Some friendly competition on the MYZONE leaderboards is also a good way to stay on top of your progress.

3. Create a plan

Outlining how you plan to deal with things that could potentially get in the way of your success will immediately set you off on the right foot. Decide how you want to handle situations that could impact your goals: When life gets too busy and you can’t get to the gym, a good solution could be to keep a list of home workouts handy so you can stay on top of your progress no matter what.

4. Share!

Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself, share with friends and family that can help support you along the way. You may even find another person with a similar goal to accompany you in achieving your goals.

5. Reward yourself

Set small goals or checkpoints toward your resolution so you can reward yourself for hard work along the way. A little something to look forward to after achieving smaller goals can be a huge motivator in the long run. The key here is making sure the reward doesn’t contradict what you’re trying to achieve. If your resolution is to get healthier, don’t reward yourself with a sweet treat, instead go shopping for a new workout outfit or new headphones to bring to the gym.

how to plan: 5 new year's resolution tips using MYZONE

We hope you find our 5 New Year's resolution tips helpful for 2017. If you need more ideas and inspiration, check out this post about keeping your fitness resolution or this one about fitness goals. Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks for tracking fitness resolutions by posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you use #myzonemoves and #effortrewarded so we can find you!

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