Creating community for your online clients

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Monday, 12 September 2022

With built-in pre-programmed and bespoke training challenges, the option to track both personal goals and biodata in real-time, alongside creating community and meaningful connection is vital for online fitness providers. So often, clients can miss out on all those social touchpoints you get in a bricks and mortar facility; from the greeting at reception, to the chats in the changing rooms, to the coffees after class.  

A concern recognised by online training company Evolve Personalized Fitness, who wanted to re-create the sense of belonging of in-person fitness with its virtual client base.

“We started using Myzone to create more camaraderie within our community and get clients more engaged,” says co-owner and exercise physiologist Megan Czuchra.

Offering results-based training, Evolve uses objective data to help clients reach their goals.

“We really wanted to take this to the next level by tracking our clients’ intensity in real time. We researched different types of heart rate monitors and felt that Myzone was the easiest one to use and would best fit for our clientele.”

Precise and personalised training

Evolve’s clients are predominantly women aged 40 to 60 who want to lose weight, explains Megan.

“A lot of times when women get older, they have trouble losing weight, so they want something that’s going to work. We set smart goals to get them from point A to B, so they can be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.”

Using Myzone to train clients, while they work out from home, has greatly improved her coaching and also the success of her clients.

“It’s really great for me to be able to see their heart rates. Rather than guessing what their intensity is, I can see how hard they’re working in real time. Myzone helps our clients get results.”

But it’s not just about understanding data in real-time, “I can see how many calories they’re burning against their food intake so we can set specific goals. It helps me coach clients better. I know exactly where they’re at, where they need to be, when we need to push and when we need to dial back, so I can personalise the routine based on their needs and their goals.”

Working as a team for individual success

In regards to their group training, Megan says: “Working out together and sharing the successes of each member of the group is great for encouraging and motivating clients and building a close-knit online community.”

To really up the fun and commitment, she makes sure she includes some friendly competition in her workouts – like earning the most MEPs – to get clients working together towards their goals.

“It creates a little camaraderie; we’re all pushing each other to become better and to get results. Everybody knows that working out with a friend is better. The more community we build, the more clients will stick, which helps with retention in the long run - and that’s the biggest thing that Myzone has provided for us.”

“I’d say it’s one of the best investments you can make - Myzone has helped create community and camaraderie, got results for our clients and made working out so much fun.”

Take a read about how Myzone can further create community here.


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