Exercise: How you can start strong

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Not everyone loves to exercise. It’s a truth that you may have come to grips with in your own life time and time again. Another New Year resolution starts off strong, but then your enthusiasm wanes, life gets busy, and for some reason you just give up. Or maybe you’ve hired a personal trainer with the hope that the added expense and personal accountability may be just what you need to stay committed until you see the results you desire. But a few months go by and you call to cancel your membership and end up feeling defeated and perplexed as to why you can’t seem to make the commitment to your fitness that seems to come naturally to others.

So what’s the problem? What’s the secret? Why is it so hard to stay motivated more than just a couple months? Is there something all those other gyms goers know that you don’t?

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Start smart

The answer to your fitness commitment problem is this: start smart. The beginning of your exercise journey sets the trajectory for all that is to come. Starting smart begins with choosing a form of exercise that you can realistically commit to doing on a consistent basis. For many, the best way to begin is by simply walking. Walking not only gets your heart pumping and your blood circulating, but it engages large muscle groups in the legs. Walking requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Walking is also an easy exercise to do with a friend or family member.

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Get an accurate wearable

We have said many times on our blog that a wearable like the MZ-3 is the tool that beginners need in order to stick to their fitness plan. The MYZONE system was built for both beginners and elite athletes using the very same principles. Accurate effort reading and built-in gamification are able to help you set realistic goals and compete against yourself or others. By setting a daily, weekly, or monthly MEP goal, you’ll have a concrete goal to reach and will plan your workouts accordingly.

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Don’t overdo it

One of the biggest questions that beginners ask when starting their workout journey is: how long should I workout each day? For this question, there is no standard answer that will work for every exerciser. If you’re starting from ground zero, try to walk for 15 minutes each day and gradually begin to build up to 30 and then 60 minutes. You don’t want to try to go from zero to 100 right out of the gate or you will increase your likelihood of injury and burnout.

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Don’t neglect warm ups and cooldowns

Especially at the start of your fitness journey, it is imperative that you commit to not only consistent exercise but also so consistent stretches, warmups, and cooldowns. Start each exercise session with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching and slow movements. A warm up is meant to prime your muscles to prepare them for further movement without straining, tearing, or pulling something. Similarly, a cooldown is meant to help your heart rate steadily return to a normal level and to get blood flowing to the heart freely.

We know that not all MYZONE users are at the peak of their fitness and many are just beginning their exercise journey. With the help of MYZONE, we’re confident that you will be provided with the feedback and motivation that you need to consistently continue down your path to wellness.

Have you found that MYZONE gave you the encouragement and insight you needed to get you into a regular pattern of exercising? We would love to hear your stories, as would others entering into the MYZONE community! Share your experience with us on social media using #MYZONE #myzonemoves and #effortrewarded

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